1. Born from the heart of love and care,
Kind promises so true and fair,
Blessed by the name, ANDERSON SCHOOL
Honour, truth and love our hearts to rule

Chorus I: Praise be unto you oh! Anderson School
You’re the well of thought the spring of light,
Far and wide will spread your glorious fame,
Mountains, hills and plains will praise your name.

Chorus!: Enter to grow in Body, Mind and Spirit
Depart serve better your God
Your country and your fellowmen.

2. Knowledge you give to tender minds,
Hearts full of joy and love divine,
Courage to stand the world face,
Overcome life’s strain and win the race

Chorus II: Praise be unto you oh! Anderson School,
You’re the well of through the spring of light,
Wisdom, honour flow in all the land,
God with mighty hand your need will grant.